Inside Asylum Silence

Everything’s falling in hard hot hate hurt why can’t no go don’t leave I can’t can’t can’t

Em, sweetheart, we’ve got to go. Are you ready?

No don’t listen false fake fail fame didn’t you see it’s none of it real none none leave run go

Oh, sweetie, you’re upset now. I’m so sorry, Em, sorry, we need to go though. It’s late, visiting hours –

Hour time moment flash squish flat until there’s nothing left nothing not at all just all gone all gone and flat

Tom, do you think we could stay five more minutes? I think I could calm her down.

Stop don’t try to fool too far too fast just leave don’t leave me why loud bright stop

Shhh. It’s okay. we’re here, okay, and there will be somebody here. You’re not alone, baby.

Cave shadow long big wide empty nobody left all gone all alone go away just go stop

What did he say? Can we stay? Damn, okay. Em, honey?

Buzz buzz wings and stings stripes and fuzz hum then sting then hurt then go red angry go

Okay, we’ll see you tomorrow, baby. Sleep tight.

Quiet dark loud angry yelling shouting no no no why can’t don’t leave go away hurt buzz

Don’t let the bedbugs bite. I love you, sweetheart.

Red angry hot hurt go can’t don’t leave don’t go don’t listen not real leave goodbye gone gone gone


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