Because of “A Telephone Call”

There’s no reason for it. I just wanted to. I mean, I couldn’t ever have tried before, and why not? After all, it’s not hurting anyone. Did you think I was? Of course I wasn’t. Just because you think you have to be so careful with everything you do, it’s not a reason for me to be afraid of stepping on someone’s toes every time I move. I’m fine, clearly, and they’re all fine. Completely, totally fine. Doing well even. I doubt anyone even remembers me anyway. I’m not so huge an event, I mean it wasn’t exactly an occasion to remember. Well, what I mean is, it’s barely worth mentioning anyway. I don’t know why you’re even talking about it.

Anyway, I think it’s really perfectly silly that anyone would bother getting upset. It’s certainly not worth it for any reason, is it, we might as well go on and think of other things. There are a lot of wonderful things, and everyone’s attempting to do wonderful things, are they not? There, you see, I’m attempting to do something wonderful. I thought it would be wonderful, there wasn’t any reason to believe anything else. Well, wonderful for me certainly, but you know it might have been wonderful for fairly everyone. That is, even if it wasn’t perfectly wonderful, it’s not all bad, it’s never all bad. You oughtn’t be such a pessimist. It’s not such a thing to bother over, after all. It’s merely a trifle, something to forget. It’s nothing important, nothing about which you need inquire. You needn’t know why it happened, or what for. Those things simply aren’t important, as it did happen, has happened, and anyway it’s all right now, isn’t it? Of course it is, clearly it is. You’re not doing any good by asking what for and why, and how did it happen, and how could this happen. There’s no reason for it.


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